Saturday, June 24, 2006

Editorial Follow-up to Deseret News Article

The Deseret News published today a follow-up editorial article to their earlier feature on Steve. It reads:

The Winners and the Losers
Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Jun 24, 2006
-- Winner/Loser: Utah high schools boast some of the highest percentages of graduates nationwide, which is laudable. But the good news is tempered by markedly lower graduation rates for minority students. The graduation rate of Hispanics -- 55.5 percent -- was particularly troubling. It was 0.1 percent lower than the national rate. Utah's graduation requirements also are of concern. Reports by Education Week and the National Center on Education Statistics say Utah's requirements are less rigorous than most other states. The Utah State Board of Education is considering more stringent requirements.

-- Winner: Dr. Steven R. Edgley got his medical knowledge two ways: medical school and his own recovery from a massive stroke at age 28. In a few weeks, Edgley will become medical director of the stroke rehabilitation center at University Hospital. In a Deseret Morning News profile published earlier this week, Edgley spoke of the many medical and technological strides in the field of stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. While others in his field may have similar medical and technological know-how, Edgley's patients will have the added bonus of his considerable empathy.

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