Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All Girl

Cleaning out files today, I found this note from our remodel (dictated by Ella):

Ideas for Ella's Room --
Nightstand - white, with chandelier lamp - pink
Desk to fit in corner - pink
Streamers all around hanging from the ceiling and from the curtains
Pretty Bed - make it beautiful

And for the actual room:
It is filled with art from my childhood bedroom and antiques from my Grandmother Dalton's home: a drop-leaf bedside table that was her kitchen table for many years, a needlepoint bench made by my Grandma, and a combination piece of furniture (not pictured) that functions as a bookcase/secretary/dresser and vanity!

My Grandmother Jessie Johnson Dalton was an elegant lady -an actress, musician and poet - who brought many elements of culture and beauty to Springville, Utah. Ella is, in many ways, much like her Great-Grandma, so I find it fitting that her bedroom be filled with reminders of this amazing woman.

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Lauren said...

Beautiful! I love her room. I think it's so special that she has so many family heirlooms. That is so great!