Saturday, November 24, 2007

Football Fever

Football fever is in full force in our state. Today is the big day when the Utes play the Cougars. We're excited here at the Edgley home!

After twelve years of football fun with Steve (spending many long hours cheering on the BLUE team... seeing how happy he is if they win, and how much emotional devastation a loss brings), last year I consciously made the choice to be a BYU fan. As you can imagine, this was a decision that was very heavy for me, being that my fair alma mater is not BYU. But in the end, it was a decision made for the greater good of my little family (well, that and fearing that despite his great love, I may be disowned by my father-in-law).

This morning Ella broke some news to me. She has created a fairyland where the good side is blue and the bad side is red. Children who are naughty go to school on the red side. Children who are good go to the museum, playground, store and zoo on the blue side. Butterflies fly freely on the blue side, and rainbows form as well. The red side is fairly empty and bleak. However, teachers are nice at the red-side school. (That's good... being that Steve is technically both a medical doctor and a professor at the U).

So, I figured this would all translate into her preferences for football teams. When I asked, "What kind of fan are you, Ella?", she responded, "A snow-cone fan." Smart girl. Very smart.

Post-Press Edition: Ella just informed me that the red side was just not complete. She brought the finished version to me, and the red side now contains: a church, toy store, hospital and office (in addition to the school). And the fairy parents get together on the red side at the "meeting spot."

Is this any predictor for who will win the game today? You be the judge...


Brooke said...

That is just too funny! Although I know both our husbands would have left Ella's world the way it was- I'm glad she showed a little perspective and rounded out the red side.

I'm joining Ella as a snow cone fan- I can't handle being any other kind, too much stress.

Lauren said...

So cute Ella! I wish we were there to enjoy the game!

Uh, sorry, but have to say it...



P.S. I think Ella was trying to say she enjoys RED snow cones...'cause, don't we all?