Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A while back, I posted about a contest (access via this link) in which Ella participated with a local photographer, Wynona Robison. I suspect many readers voted, because Ella was selected for a sitting. Well, the pictures turned out to be stunningly beautiful.
I will post my favorites, and to see more, you can link to Wynona's blog at As you can see, Nona even shot a few of Lulu (who always seems happy to be along for the ride!).


Matt's Blog said...

So famous at such an early age. Watch her so it doesn't got to her head like her dad's fame. :)

She looks beautiful!

Lauren said...

GORGEOUS! Wow! What beautiful pictures! I'm so glad she got to do the sitting. It looks like it went great! Louisa is so beautiful too! You have such darling girls!

Heidi said...