Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Highlights

A few photos and a few memories from our Christmas celebrations:

On Christmas Eve, elves left pajamas on our doorstep! Every night since, Louisa has been watching and waiting for additional deliveries.

The girls favorite gift from Santa was a My Little Pony talking Skywishes doll.

Steve nailed a spectacular gift for me, and kept it a perfect secret (Quite a feat, knowing the great lengths to which my curiosity often takes me. He even went so far as to pay in cash!).

We enjoyed a whole day at home, and shared a traditional ham dinner with many members of the Dalton family.

A Sparkle in my Eye

If you happen to see a little sparkle in my eye lately, it is because my cute husband knows how to show me that he loves me. In my book, he wins every award for "best all-around great guy".

Monday, December 24, 2007

Joy to the World!

Each year as a family, we journey to the Teton mountain range. We camp at the base of gorgeous mountains, surrounded by nature and a great dome of sky.

The mountains, with their beauty and grandeur, invite us to contemplate our true place in the universe. Our thoughts are drawn to the miracle of creation. We look at the majestic mountains and think of God, our Creator.

We see how many stars there really are in the night sky - without competition from city lights. We witness that some things are most beautiful without our interference. We climb the terrain and see the raw courage of a flower pushing through a boulder. We watch how nature renews and balances. We take time to be awe-inspired.

In this setting, we see that we have work to do: more love to give, more of our own character to refine, more to teach to and learn from our daughters.

We are grateful for the joy we find in this magnificent journey of life. We are surrounded by a beautiful world: filled with love and laughter, family and friends.


Wishing you

The joy of family

The happiness of friends

And all the best in the new year!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa Lucia

Ella sang with the International Children's Choir (dressed as Santa Lucia) in their annual Christmas performance at Libby-Gardner hall. She was so cute and animated... definitely in her element!

Sweet friends: Ella and Kate.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Steve Edgley Day!

Today is a special day in our home... Steve Edgley day! December 7th, 2007 marks 6 years to the day that Steve survived and conquered a stroke. We have learned a great deal from his experiences, and continue to marvel with the life he now leads. He is an amazing man, who has dipped into the deepest parts of his soul, and come up victorious.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Sky is Falling!

Saturday, a large limb from our backyard tree (under the weight of the new snow) came crashing down. It took our power lines and a few pieces of our garage (as well as some substantial parts of our neighbors home) down with it. The limb was just large enough to fill most of our backyard, but just small enough to miss our home and garage by about 6 inches.

We are grateful for our safety. Ella had been playing in the backyard snow about 20 minutes before the crash. And Steve had, just a minute before, finished shoveling the driveway. He was putting the shovel back in the garage when the limb came crashing down. By the sound of things, he was sure the garage was coming down on top of him, and jumped out to find sparking wires, which he carefully navigated to safety.

We are also grateful that the majority of the tree is still standing. It is large enough that it potentially could take out our whole home!