Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Things Really Do Count!

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences, that we often cannot forsee." Marian Wright Edelman

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Website for Baby J.

To view more pictures, and even a cute video of baby Jonah, you may access a website via this link.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Jonah

Baby Jonah continues to make strides in the special care nursery. He is feeding, both through a tube as well as from his momma, and will soon try the bottle. He had a bout of jaundice, but has graduated from the lights. He has not needed any oxygen for a day or two.

As you can see, he is such a cute little guy, one who has won our hearts! Thanks for your prayers on his behalf... they're working!

Monday, January 21, 2008

We're Booked

Among this cold, deep winter, we are looking forward to summer: we have booked our week-long stay at the rustic tent-cabins in the Tetons.

Let us know if you, too, would like to join us for a week of heaven-on-earth!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Sled-Day

We met up with some friends on Saturday for a fun afternoon of sledding - down a super icy and steep hill with jumps! It was quite a rush! Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, although there were a few minor collisions and one major jump with a crash landing taken by our fearless friend Jack.

Of course, my camera battery was almost dried up. But I was able to squeeze just enough juice out of it to sneak in this one picture of Ella!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on Jonah

Everyone -

Kathy and I could not possibly express our appreciation for the "rallying of the troops" that took place yesterday. We are absolutely overwhelmed at the acts of kindness, caring, and love toward us and our new member of the family. There is no doubt that countless prayers have been offered in our behalf, and we truly feel that Jonah has been blessed from on high.

Kathy and I spent some time holding and taking care of Jonah last night. We combed his hair, felt his strong hands grip our over-sized fingers, and stared at the funny faces and noises he is already making (he gets that from Dad). It is truly impossible to deny the divinity that it is to hold a newborn. We know that Kathy, Jonah, and I have been well taken care of, all through the staff here at the hospital, our family members, friends, and from on high. Again, we truly feel that Jonah has been accompanied by angels.

Jonah is in the NICU, and did ok last night. He is moving his arms, legs, opening his eyes, and is doing well. The nurses can't believe that he is a 6 week premie, as he is as big as a full term baby. Despite his healthy size, there are a few areas where he is behaving as a premie should: he needs to develop his suckling reflex, regulate his body temperature, and begin attempts to eat. He will be given a feeding tube initially to see how he reacts to food in his stomach, after which he will begin attempts to breast feed.

Jonah does have some bruising on his head from the delivery. His red blood cells are working overtime to reduce the bruising, so this extra work may have an impact on his progress. He has been treated for infection through antibiotics (due to his premature birth, kathy's water breaking early, etc.) Overall, his health looks excellent (as verified by our own resident nurse, Serida) amd we are very optimistic that through continued prayers Jonah will continue to progress.
We will be here at the hospital today, although we are very limited on who we can bring into the NICU. We are only allowed 8 people on a list that cannot change. No one under age 12 is allowed in the NICU, due to RSV season. We hope that you all can come and visit, whether we go to the NICU or not. We have videos that we can play in our room for the little nieces and nephews. We welcome anyone to come by and see us!
Kathy is also doing well (she just left the room). Now that I have been witness to a delivery, there is nothing I can imagine doing that is more tough than delivering a baby. I guess that is why us men continually try to solidify our manhood by playing rugby, grunting, and other 'manly' things. Motherhood is also divine, and I am so grateful to have married a woman of such greatness.

Thank you all so much for your support. Our hearts are full with joy and gratitude for your support. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by Christlike people. I always will remember a talk with a phrase that has stuck in our memory: "Truly Christlike people emulate Christ by doing things for others that they could not possibly do for themselves". We truly believe that all of you have done so much for us that we could not do for ourselves. We love you all and look forward to sharing our joy with you as this new season of our lives unfolds.

Jon, Kathy, & Jonah

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We've said so many prayers today for Jon and Kathy Dalton (Emi's brother and sister-in-law), who awoke this morning, to ruptured membranes and a baby on the way - 6 weeks early. In one prayer, Louisa said, "Please bless Kathy and her broken water."

We already love this little boy, and can't wait to welcome him into our family.


Baby Jonah was born tonight, 6 weeks early, but weighing a whopping (for a preemie) 6 pounds 3 ounces, and measuring 20 inches. He is breathing room air. Prayers are answered! We are so grateful.

I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Getaway Report

Steve and I enjoyed a quick weekend getaway (without the kids! thanks Mom E.) to BrianHead ski resort in southern Utah. Some of the unforgettable memories include:
* Jessica's face when she opened the door to the condo to find 4 extra people joining up for the night (the trip was a surprise birthday party, carefully orchestrated by her husband Matt).
* A quick drive (thanks to Damon's lead foot) to and from our destination. I am of the opinion that speeds of 80 mph + are the only way to do a road-trip!
* A fun evening complete with gourmet pizza and Brianberry pie, fun games and a nipple piercing (fortunately via reality tv).
* A deluxe condo with every amenity.
* Sweet rolls and fruit smoothies in the morning followed by a perfect day on the slopes - blue skies, great temperatures, lots of trips up and down the mountain, and great company!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Our Little Secret...

A little known secret that I freely share with my blogging friends:

Saturday, Steve and I undertook the task of finding a new home for our Christmas tree out in the garage. My organizational spirit got the best of me, and soon I was shifting, sorting and tossing the contents of that great outdoor room.

Soon, I found an area filled with small black dirt clumps, which were quickly swept and tossed. After many of these areas, I was really on the move to help our detached garage become more hospitable.

I then found a once-full bag of grass seed, that had been recently emptied through a small hole. The seeds were removed from the hull, and strewn around. It was then that I realized I was not dealing with piles of dirt -- but rather what suddenly seemed to be massive amounts very hungry rodents, with great amounts of feces.

Unknowingly, we have created a very hospitable home for our furry friends. They've been throwing parties...

Since then, my mind has been racing (usually in the 3 a.m. hour) with images from "Ratatouille". I scrub harder than ever in the shower, in hopes of fending off any remnants of hantavirus on my skin. And I'm trying to determine if poison or traps (or both) will be an effective deterrent.

Anyone out there an expert on rodent evacuation? Or on determining the different markers of mice vs. rats? I'm becoming more knowledgeable than I ever wanted to be...
And it turns out, we're harboring mice.

P.S. For a good laugh, follow this link to my blogging friend Kelly's own adventures with mice here.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


* Give away my binkies and bottles to my baby cousins.
* Unwrap presents.
* Go to Grandma's house.
* Stop drawing on Ella's clothes.
* Start playing the violin.
* These are going to be my solutions.
* Be truthful.
* Play with Ella. Be nice to Ella.
* Give hugs to my mommy and daddy. Not to Ella - because I love her.
* That is my last solution.

* Be a good sport. Do not complain.
* Play the violin again. Take lessons.
* Clean up my messes and make my bed.
* Help with the laundry.
* Help with Louisa. Be a kind sister. Share toys. Teach her.
* Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water.
* Read books every day. Read the Book of Mormon before I turn 8. Say my prayers at night.
* Run at the Skyline racetrack with mommy.
* Wipe my mouth on a napkin (not my shirt). Wipe, wash, flush. Stop picking.


And the kids resolutions for us --

* Not yell at me (Ella).
* Take us to the park more so I can play on the monkey bars (Ella).
* Serve us breakfast and food when we need it (Ella).
* Clean the bathroom (Louisa).

* Not being a gran-fire [vampire] (Louisa).
* Not tickling us (Ella). I laugh when my daddy tickles us (Louisa).
* Keep doing piggy back rides (Louisa).
* Create a monkey bar swing with his arms (Ella).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Celebrate in 2008!

2007 has been a good year for the Edgleys!

We've survived: a basement remodel (with the associated 2 "floods"), first grade and learning to read, plus dance lessons times 2.

We've thrived: in the Tetons, in Park City, in Maui (oh wait, was that 2006? I guess the memories have sustained us for a long duration), and at home in Salt Lake. And all of this alongside two very individual and very enjoyable little girls. Steve passed his Oral Boards (with flying colors) and is officially Board Certified. We've read lots of good books, and I've cleaned the house too many times. We've strived to open our home to others; to entertain friends and family often.

We learned to enjoy every minute of the good times and to move forward with faith when times were more difficult.

We are so grateful for our family, our safe neighborhood and our friends near and far. Here's to 2008... it's going to be great!