Monday, January 14, 2008

Getaway Report

Steve and I enjoyed a quick weekend getaway (without the kids! thanks Mom E.) to BrianHead ski resort in southern Utah. Some of the unforgettable memories include:
* Jessica's face when she opened the door to the condo to find 4 extra people joining up for the night (the trip was a surprise birthday party, carefully orchestrated by her husband Matt).
* A quick drive (thanks to Damon's lead foot) to and from our destination. I am of the opinion that speeds of 80 mph + are the only way to do a road-trip!
* A fun evening complete with gourmet pizza and Brianberry pie, fun games and a nipple piercing (fortunately via reality tv).
* A deluxe condo with every amenity.
* Sweet rolls and fruit smoothies in the morning followed by a perfect day on the slopes - blue skies, great temperatures, lots of trips up and down the mountain, and great company!


Matt's Blog said...

So great that you guys came...we had such a fun time!

Lauren said...

That sounds like so much fun! That's so great that y'all got to do that! Great pic's!