Wednesday, January 02, 2008


* Give away my binkies and bottles to my baby cousins.
* Unwrap presents.
* Go to Grandma's house.
* Stop drawing on Ella's clothes.
* Start playing the violin.
* These are going to be my solutions.
* Be truthful.
* Play with Ella. Be nice to Ella.
* Give hugs to my mommy and daddy. Not to Ella - because I love her.
* That is my last solution.

* Be a good sport. Do not complain.
* Play the violin again. Take lessons.
* Clean up my messes and make my bed.
* Help with the laundry.
* Help with Louisa. Be a kind sister. Share toys. Teach her.
* Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water.
* Read books every day. Read the Book of Mormon before I turn 8. Say my prayers at night.
* Run at the Skyline racetrack with mommy.
* Wipe my mouth on a napkin (not my shirt). Wipe, wash, flush. Stop picking.


And the kids resolutions for us --

* Not yell at me (Ella).
* Take us to the park more so I can play on the monkey bars (Ella).
* Serve us breakfast and food when we need it (Ella).
* Clean the bathroom (Louisa).

* Not being a gran-fire [vampire] (Louisa).
* Not tickling us (Ella). I laugh when my daddy tickles us (Louisa).
* Keep doing piggy back rides (Louisa).
* Create a monkey bar swing with his arms (Ella).


kelly said...

Yeah, mom. Serving breakfast and food when the kids need it is in the job description.

This was really cute.

Lauren said...

Oh, I love it! So cute! This is truly precious and priceless! I think Julia should have the same resolution (of not using her shirt as a napkin, or tissue). ;)

Heidi said...

Very charming little resolutions! So sorry I missed you during our visit. As usual, it just got crazy trying to do everything. And we had some illness to boot. I resolve to stay in better touch with you and to call you the next time I'm in SLC!

Jessica said...

So darling!