Sunday, February 03, 2008

Farewell, Dear President Hinckley

Reflecting on the life of our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and listening to the various testimonies that have been given this week has helped to solidify the feelings that I and so many others share about this wonderful man. Hearing from many of you, your love and devotion for a truly remarkable prophet of God, has strengthened me. His example of integrity, kindness, inclusiveness, "standing for something," " standing tall," reaching out to others, tenderness with his wife, tempered wisdom, leadership, transparency, honesty, faith, and courage are not to be forgotten. There is tremendous value in identifying the impact that President Hinckley has had on our lives. His legacy will be measured in terms of how well each of us is able to internalize his teachings and follow his example to "stand a little taller, be a little better."


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