Monday, March 03, 2008

Highlights From Our Trip

Sorry there is no sound with the video...your tips would be
greatly appreciated (slideshow created in iphoto with itunes music)

Louisa loved:

* Going to Mickey Mouse's house and being just tall enough to ride all the "big" rides at Magic Kingdom
* Playing with Daddy
* Riding Splash Mountain
* Sleeping in a port-a-crib and riding in the stroller

Ella loved:

* Thunder Mountain Railroad
* Eating Twinkies
* Holding hands with her sweet cousin Haylee
* Her first manicure complete with red fingernails

Emi loved:

* 85 degree days and sunshine
* Turtle talk with Crush
* Spending time with her little princesses, and her prince charming
* Beach time with the Hornes

Steve loved:
* The laid-back attitude at Epcot
* Surviving two (yes, 2) timeshare presentations
* Being asked to sit in the "missionary position" (for dinner) at the Horne home
* Riding Soarin' and Mission Space


Lauren said...

Looks and sounds like so much fun! I just had "It's a Small World" playing in my head while I watched the slide seemed appropriate enough. :)

Great pictures & memories! I loved reading all of your individual favorite parts of the vacation!

Matt's Blog said...

I had not been by in awhile, but loved catching up. Skiing, Disneyland, Birthdays, at the Edgley Home is never dull! Love you guys!

Rueckert Family said...

Looks like a great trip! How fun for you guys.

In regards to your comment on my blog: Rob and I fianlly bit the bullet this year and bought ski packages from Parks Sportsman. I can't say that we got a screamin' deal, but I do really like my new skis and I'm hoping to like my new boots better next year after they're all broken in. Happy skiing!