Sunday, March 09, 2008

There is Power Between Sisters

"There is power between sisters. There is a power between brothers and sisters. There is a power between parents and children to sustain each other and, yes, even 'save' each other."

"Consider the lifesaving power in this story. A few years ago, twin girls Brielle and Kyrie were born prematurely to the Jackson family. They were placed in separate incubators to reduce the risk of infection. Kyrie, the larger sister at two pounds three ounces, quickly began gaining weight and calmly slept. But Brielle, who weighed only two pounds at birth, could not keep up with her. Suddenly one day Brielle's condition became critical. The nurse tried everything she could think of to stabilize Brielle. Still Brielle squirmed and fussed as her oxygen intake plummeted and her heart rate soared. Then the nurse remembered a procedure she had heard about. She said to the worried parents, "Let me just try putting Brielle in with her sister to see if that helps." The parents consented, and the nurse slipped the squirming baby into the incubator with the bigger sister. No sooner had the door of the incubator closed than Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie and calmed right down. Within minutes Brielle's blood-oxygen readings were the best they had been since she was born. As she dozed, Kyrie wrapped her tiny arm around her smaller sibling (see Nancy Sheehan, "A Sister's Helping Hand," Reader's Digest, May 1996, 155­56)."

"The doctors and nurses had tried every medical and scientific device available to help the baby and nothing worked. Nothing could do for the struggling baby what her own sister could do for her. This is what sisters can do for each other. This is what family members can do for each other."

Sharon G. Larsen
Young Women - Titles of Liberty
General Conference, April 1998

Sweet Sisters: Ella & Louisa
Sunday, March 9th, 2008


Brooke said...

I know I'm nine months pregnant and therefore a little emotional but that post really made me cry. Your girls are SO beautiful and I hope they will always be the best of friends.

Lauren said...

What a sweet, sweet post. Your girls are so beautiful. The sister-bond is truly a special connection to have. I'm so glad to have my sweet sister and that my girls have each other. And, I'm also thankful that I have my "other sisters" in life, like you.

kelly said...

I'm not pregnant, and I cried too.
I loved reading this post.

Heidi said...

Your friend Lauren said it best, but let me just how happy I am to have my sister. And one of my favorite things to see is the special relationship my daughters have with each other.