Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day

I'm remembering back today to April 1st, 2005.

I had my 6 week postpartum visit (after having given birth to Louisa - conceived through fertility), and announced to my husband and family the news... the Dr. found me to be miraculously pregnant.

All were shocked, excited and horrified... for a few hours. When the real news came out that I, in fact, was not pregnant, they were just plain mad.

The chuckles and inside grins I experienced made it all worthwhile!


SARAH said...

I love it! Very clever - I wish I could have seen the look on Steve's face.

Brooke said...

That's a good one- I can't believe you never told me about that!

Lauren said...

Oh, that's funny Emi! I, too, would like to have seen the look on Steve's (and everyone's) face when you told them that. How long were you able to keep it going?

kelly said...

That's a good one! I almost told Kelly that I was pregnant yesterday, but he wants another baby so much I think it would have killed him to find out the truth! I chickened out!

go boo boo said...

I would never have gotten away with it, I am impressed.