Monday, April 07, 2008

New YW Presidency in Action: Press Conference

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

New Young Women General Presidency - April 2008


SARAH said...

Emi, how blessed you are to have such a wonderful mom!
We are all blessed that she will be leading the YW of the church. I'm excited that she will most likely be leading them when my own little miss Kate goes into YW in just a few short years. Your mom is an amazing woman and a great example to all of us.
I hope your family is enjoying this momentous time.

Pauline said...

Emi, Thank you so much for putting that news conference on your blog for those of us who missed it. We are so proud of your mom in this new calling, and all the good that she does. She is such a capable leader, teacher, and speaker, and will continue to do an amazing job for the young women. And you are just like her! We love you. And her.

Heidi said...

I was amused at Sophie's confusion on Saturday when I reminded her that Sister Dalton is my friend's mom. She said, "So her mom is the Young Women president and her grandpa is...." (She was thinking of Lisa's granddad, Elder Wirthlin.)

I thought about a conversation we had about your mom's calling as a member of the general YW board. You told me about her extensive travels and her studies about young women (including reading the landmark book, Reviving Ophelia). It is comforting--even more now that I am the mom of a soon-to-be young woman--to know that your mom knows and cares so much about the challenges facing today's youth. I know she will be a wondferful influence on many, many young women.

Rachel said...

I watch your mom and even after all these years I think I am watching you. You two are so similiar in your looking, speech and body language. You are both have such a beautiful way of touching people's lives!