Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ella in Snow White

Recently Ella performed as a Forest Animal in the Children's Ballet Theater production of Snow White (at Kingsbury Hall on April 22nd, 2008).

About the production, Ella says, "Performing was a great experience. I was a brown bunny who played ring-around-the-rosies and wiggled my tail. I danced with Snow White after she woke up in the forest. When she woke I said 'Hi!' to Snow White by waving. Going into the dwarfs cottage was my favorite part. I love to dance. Ballet is a lot of fun!"


SARAH said...

How fun! The costumes are darling- I bet Ella felt so special to be in such a neat performance. By the way, I love her glasses. She's such a beautiful girl!

Pauline said...

Emi, your pictures and musical presentation are amazing. Ella was darling in the ballet. Love you both!

Lauren said...

Adorable! What a "little critter" she is indeed!