Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Loving

I received this magazine today:

Seeing the Everyday

I love everything about it, and am especially thrilled with magazine's focus on the family and parenting roles. Plus there are no advertisements ... yippee!


Brooke said...

Looks cool. Tell me more about it when I see you.

Heidi said...

That does sound interesting. I had been wondering what was so simple about "Real Simple" (although it's still a fun magazine) with all of the ads. I think this new one would be a good first subscription to get after we move! Thanks for the tip, Emi!

Rachel said...

I'm gonna check it out. I echo Heidi's comments about Real Simple. I was so disappointed with all the advertising.

Lisa & Jeremy said...

I just got this magazine too and bought subscriptions for a few friends. I was touched by the genuine family focus and was surprised to actually know a few of the contributors. I love the ad-free feel as well.