Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Having a Ball!

Monday, June 2nd Louisa enjoyed her performance debut as a "Tricky-Trickster" in Children's Ballet Theater's "I Love the Circus". She was darling! She loved being on stage, and especially enjoyed bouncing and bounding to the music.

As an audience, we were encouraged to applaud rather than giggle when the performers did something heartwarming. And so we did! There were great explosions of applause throughout the entire show.

Louisa says, "It was so fun! I danced out of the door when the music starts. We bounced the balls up and down and jumped all around. And then we come where the ribbons are, and then the back wall turns yellow. I was not scared to dance in front of my mom and dad and grandma, and Monica too! I wore a pretty headband that has sparkles and everything."

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