Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pray for David

Rebecca, with her brother and best friend, David.
Christmas Break, January 2008

Our nephew, David Heiner, on break at Utah State University and visiting his family in North Carolina, was found yesterday at the bottom of their country club pool. He was swimming there with his little brothers, Daniel and Nathan.

Life saving measure were given, which brought David back to a pulse. He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital in Aiken, and after 2 hours flown by life flight to Charlotte. He is currently on a respirator, and has acute respiratory distress. His body temperature has been lowered in order to prevent brain damage. We do not know levels of brain activity at this time.

Steve and his parents (as well as Steve's sister Melanie), caught immediate flights.

Please pray for David and his family. We know that prayers save lives and bring great peace in times of turmoil, such as this.


Rachel said...

Oh Emi, I am so sorry! We will remember him and all of your family in our prayers. If you have any specific things to make our prayers more direct, let me know. My heart is saddened. Much love, Rachel

Brooke said...

We will definitely include David in our prayers Emi. I hope Vicki and Mark are doing okay and maintaining some hope through all of this. We will pray for them and the rest of their family as well.

Jessica said...

Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you all now. We were so saddened to hear about this!

Lauren said...

Oh Emi! I am so sorry! We will keep David and all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Call me if you need/want to.

Much love,