Monday, July 14, 2008

Yummy, Yummy Yogurt!

by Ella

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we made yummy frozen yogurt. I will share the recipe in case you want to make it.

16 ounces vanilla yogurt
16 ounces of grandma edgley's frozen peaches
4 ounces pecans

Mix together in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds. Or if you want, you can just pour it in a cup and eat with a spoon (like a smoothie). I did both: first I drank it, and now we are waiting for the popsicles to freeze. Louisa is asleep, so she can try it tomorrow.

This is so fun to make and so yummy to eat!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seeing the Sunrise

Ella woke early on the Fourth of July, with the idea to mark the day with an activity that she had never done previously: watch the sunrise. Following is her report.

"The sunrise on the Fourth of July is like heaven on earth. The early-bird chirps. That is a sign that it is the day of freedom. I feel the sweet feeling. It seems as heaven is opening. It's the most beautiful sight to see. It is a reminder of Jesus who rose from the dead. Oh, so peaceful, oh so peaceful. The clouds are orange, blue, pink, purple. The clouds are even more beautiful than fireworks at night. Waking up early for the sunrise was my magnet that made me remember this whole, wonderful day!"

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Perfect Fit

Thoughts on Family by Ella

"Heaven always gives everybody the best babies that He can give them. Heaven tries their hardest. Heaven gives us their best."

"I believe this because my family is the perfect fit. I know how to help my sister. I love Louisa and she loves me. When my mom needs my help, I will help her. My mom loves me, even when I am not obeying her. But most of the time I obey. I help my dad in many ways. Like when my dad is supposed to pick up the babysitter, and he won't do it alone, I go with him. My sister Louisa helps me by doing my work. And I do that same thing for her. Today she took the baby doll stroller downstairs when I was asked to."

"I am glad to be in a family."

by Louisa

"Ella be's very sweet to me and she be's very nice to me, and she be's not very mean. And she does silly things to me, like tickling. My mommy loves me. We clean up our messes then cheer 'hip-hip-hooray'."