Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seeing the Sunrise

Ella woke early on the Fourth of July, with the idea to mark the day with an activity that she had never done previously: watch the sunrise. Following is her report.

"The sunrise on the Fourth of July is like heaven on earth. The early-bird chirps. That is a sign that it is the day of freedom. I feel the sweet feeling. It seems as heaven is opening. It's the most beautiful sight to see. It is a reminder of Jesus who rose from the dead. Oh, so peaceful, oh so peaceful. The clouds are orange, blue, pink, purple. The clouds are even more beautiful than fireworks at night. Waking up early for the sunrise was my magnet that made me remember this whole, wonderful day!"

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go boo boo said...

She is so charming and brilliant! I miss you guys. We are super lagging on swimming (poor H). We have until next week right?