Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outstanding in the Field

An idyllic camp.

Our friends, the Knights: Owen, Annette, Penelope and Holden.

The fields behind our tent cabin were a favorite place to romp. Ella and Louisa especially enjoyed spending time with the Knight boys playing "kings and queens", arranging rocks, playing house, and gathering dead branches for night-time fires.

At camp, we entertained deer at our doorstep, as well as a red fox who visited almost daily (often with his latest catch -- a squirrel -- dangling from his mouth).

One night, Emi awoke to "nature's call". In the dark, and without glasses or contact lenses, she approached the edge of our cement pad to use the "facilities". It was then that she heard a large animal just inches away in the bushes. In a panic she screamed "Animal!". However, the yell was more loud and low than her typical tone. Luckily, the noise from Emi was just enough to scare our night-time guest (one we think was a deer) away from camp.

And for the rest of the trip, whenever we viewed wildlife, each person in the family echoed the refrain: "Animal!"

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