Thursday, September 04, 2008

Essays by Ella

Opinions aren't true. Don't believe what other people say. Instead, be yourself, because there is no true opinion and you are YOU, not someone else! Believe in yourself. You are good. Your heart will tell you the truth. Feel it. Listen to your heart, not to what other people say.

Every morning my mom says the same thing when she comes into my room to wake me up for school. I don't know what she says, but it is just not comforting. This morning I told my mom, say "Rise and Shine!" when you wake me. That will make me feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Mrs. Johnson tells me that last year's class was very good because they helped each other. It helps when you are non-distracting, because then others can to their work. For instance, if somebody was doing their math, and they were having a problem, the should ask someone to help them and then it would be lots better for everyone. It's good to be a helper.

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Lauren said...

She's very insightful! I love to read her words. Thank you for sharing them with us! She's so darling!

Miss you!