Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Big Performance

Ella began performing today with Salt Lake's International Children's Choir, representing the country of Austria.

Ella did not want to wear her glasses (first time ever), because, in her words, the way she looks without the glasses is "more international."

And I am not used to this "stage mom" stuff... Ella is required to wear dress shields (which we do not own), so (in a rush) I pulled out a couple swimsuit pads and stuffed them in her armpits! Let's hope they stay put throughout the performance tonight.

Post-Performance Report from Ella: "It was very fun to sing for the Ambassador of VietNam. I felt special when I was singing. It seemed like there were angels singing with us. The feeling was very peaceful. I can't wait for the next performance!"


Brooke said...

Hee hee- swimsuit pads, that's a good one Emi.

And I think the Austrian costume is ADORABLE on Ella.

Kristen said...

Wow - talented and beautiful!