Sunday, September 07, 2008


Saturday night, history was made in the Edgley family:

Thanks to the generosity of good friends, Steve and I (plus kids) enjoyed our first (yep, first) U of U football game together. It was a great evening. The kids cheered, "Go Utes!" over and over again. We sang the fight song. We (well, most of us) wore RED. It was so easy to get to and from the stadium (a contrast from our usual whole day event to journey down south).

The whole thing made my heart happy.

Thanks M&J for the tickets and the great company! I wish we had pictures.


Lauren said...

GO UTES! I'm so glad y'all got to enjoy that awesome experience! We miss that!

We miss you too!

Rachel said...

Rob and I enjoyed the game as well but this time without the kiddo! Usually, it seems we've got the gang with us. I am pretty sure but not positive that one of my very first Utah football games might have been with your brother memory isn't quite what it used to be but I think it was!