Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christmas Wish List

A Little Early (Certainly This Will Be Revised)

Mom: What would you like from Santa for Christmas?
Ella: No toys. Just something that would be important in life. And that’s all.
Mom: What would be important in life?
Ella: A flashlight, maybe.
Mom: So, what if you woke up on Christmas morning and there was a flashlight?
Ella: Oh yeah, kind of boring.

Ella: There is only one thing specific that I want.
A locket. With a heart.
Mom: That you can put pictures in?
Ella: A picture in one side, and a picture in the other side.
Mom: Whose pictures would you want in the locket?
Ella: Probably a painting of Jesus.
And then I would include a picture of the temple.

Mom: Anything else?
Ella: No.
Mom: Not even an American Girl doll?
Ella: No.


I want a baby buggy.
A Chasing Fireflies Baby Buggy.
And a pony.
Like the one that we already have that doesn’t work.
That talks and crawls.
Also a blue eyed bitty baby.
I want those three things.


Brooke said...

Good lists girls!

And Louisa- you have excellent taste. Chasing Fireflies is my favorite catalog to salivate over.

Larson Family said...

Your girls are so sweet! I love the locket with Jesus and the Temple. I won't even bother to tell you what my boys want. Let's just say, I think there might be a difference between boys and girls!