Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our Fair State

Along with Ella's 2nd grade class, yesterday Louisa and I attended the Utah State Fair. We all enjoyed the sunshine, the animals, displays and festivities. I especially loved walking away with no fried food (a typical fair necessity) in my belly. We were amazed by the size to age ratio for the swine, the primping occurring among the dairy cows (preparing for judging), and the carved butter statue. We also loved the fine art entries as well as the cute, cute rabbits (especially the one named Ella).


Lauren said...

How fun! I love the way you did your pictures! What did you use to create those?

Cute Ellas, all around!:)

I loved going to the Utah State Fair! So far, we have not gone to the state fair here. Maybe we'll get to this year?

Rachel said...

My Emi enjoyed the fair today with her schoolmates...in the rain!