Thursday, October 09, 2008

James Flies Away... to P.A.

by Louisa

James flies away today to Pencil-baynia.

Can I write him notes (lots of notes?) and put them in a snail?
On my notes I'll write, "Please James could you be home tomorrow night?"
But I'll still be happy. Happy and sad.

I like to do these things with James:
* Run in the hall at Nanna's
* Slide down the stairs
* Go down slides
* Ride bikes
* Feed ducks
* Eat popcorn together
* Have races. I am fastest. I get ahead of him. And then James wins second.

James taught me:
* About being kind to Andrew
* About dinos - how to roar and build them with blocks
* How to hide behind things
* How to laugh, laugh, laugh!

Why are you crying mom? I don't have tears -- see?


Joan Wardell said...

Your mom's talk was wonderful at G.C. Also her picture on Church News Cover is beautiful!

Kathy Dalton said...

My grandma Foss use to say, "Little kids, little problems. Big kids big problems." But having James leave is a big problem for a very little kid.