Thursday, October 09, 2008

Smile! You're in Pennsylvania.

Today my brother Jess, his wife Annie, and their family move across the country to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I rotate between being so excited for them and this new season in their lives, and being selfishly so sad to see them go.

Jess has been my bosom buddy since his birth in '76. He is an amazing guy, with great preparation propelling him to a career that will utilize his professional skills as well as his education (3 separate masters degrees in Business, Public Health and Health Administration). I will miss him. I love his unique outlook on life. He always brings a new perspective to family discussions. He has taught me many great lessons on parenting, as I watch him care for two darling boys.

Annie quickly became my "missing piece" when we first met (she flew out to Chicago when dating Jess in 2002). I love Annie's sweetness, and how it is paired with a keen sense of humor. I love how her positive outlook is paired with the ability to realistically portray the ups and downs of life, including the waves of sadness over missing her angel mother or her more-than-occasional frustration after a long night with a sleepless baby. I have enjoyed stroller walks with her, trading babysitting, chatting on the phone, and endless house hunting (trying to find them a place in my neighborhood... that didn't work!). Annie is a dear friend, a sweet sister and a great support.

James and Andrew (Jess and Annie's boys) are babies I would love to steal. I don't know if I can let them move with their parents! I will miss seeing them grow on a daily and weekly basis, especially since James and Louisa are best buddies. They are as close as it gets to the re-creation of Jess and I as kids - a big chunk of sweet, a huge helping of silly, and a little pinch of naughty. These two love to play together.

Farewell Jess and Annie. May you be blessed in this next phase of your life together.

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