Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sweet Notes to Daddy...

...on his 35th Birthday.

Ella and Louisa spent the morning creating darling cards for Steve as a celebration of his birthday. (All while Steve was on call and working at the hospital.)

Ella's note (with the letters DAD created by gluing beads to the paper) says,

"I love my
You hellp me.
We hellp echother.
and llaff
and mack
the best
you are the
best Dad.
love Ella"

Louisa also created a cute note, with drawings and commentary, which she promptly cut into pieces. One drawing was salvaged. It is a picture of Steve where, in Louisa's words, "He looks like a smile." "Daddy with legs and arms so big." And a couple scribbles which translated to "You say I'm handsome, but I'm not. Dad, you are." and "I love it when you come home."

Louisa's main note said, "Happy Birthday! I love you. You are a good daddy. You help me to go fun places (like to the dollar store). You tuck me in bed and read me stories. We play the toothpaste game and I pull on your arm. It makes me laugh. Love, Louisa"

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Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Steve! We totally forgot to tell you on Friday night. We hope the "romantic" dinner for two was worth giving up seeing Dan in his Halloween costume :) We love you guys!