Thursday, November 13, 2008

California Dreamin'

A week ago Thursday, I awoke in the Gilbert's heavenly Seahaven beach house on Coronado Island with a group of my dear friends from Chicago.

As part of our annual gathering, we thoroughly enjoyed being together for an extended weekend of fun, shopping, gifts, and shared good things.

In the photo above, Krista is modeling the aprons Brooke and I brought as gifts.

We loved exploring San Diego (including Amanda's members-only wholesale club Shinoda, which is like Tai Pan on steroids). It is fun to explore anywhere in a car like this!

We slept nightly (although our nights were quite short due to fun-filled days extended with stories and jokes) all together in "Bunkport" the Gilbert Grandkid hangout - a fun room filled with 12 bunkbeds.

One of my favorite activities was our Saturday bike ride around the island.

And my soul was filled with walks along the beach, and time spent in the sand.

I feel so grateful to share lifelong bonds with these dear, sweet friends: Amanda, Brooke, Chris, Emily, Jen, Krista and Merrily. Thank you ladies for teaching and tutoring me.


Brooke said...

I know it's a good thing I left early but I am so sad I missed out on beach fun.

Good photos- I've GOT to get a small camera so I have pics of these trips too.

Thanks for a fun, albeit too short, time!

heather said...

That is so fun...does the VW have glitter paint? You have a glow about you as well! Any time you want to go to Tai Pan just drop us a line! ;)