Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Ella Jayne Edgley
Reflections Contest Entry - 2008
Age: 7


Once my younger sister and I bought some sparkle spray
at the beauty store. We loved putting it on all over our
bodies, especially our cheeks and foreheads. People
probably noticed that it was just artificial.

If you are wearing sparkle spray, people can still tell that it’s
just artificial.

What is on the outside doesn’t matter as much as what is on
the inside –
your personality,
your kind heart,
your mind.

A big house doesn’t matter. Fancy clothes aren’t all that
important either.

Sparkles are beautiful, especially sparkles that are inside.
If you are good, you will sparkle.
People who help are sparkly.
You can see it in their eyes.

You see that someone sparkles by how they act.
Sparkles come out by helping.
They come out of your heart.
Your eyes will shine.
Your words will be kind.
Your hands will help.
Your mind will tell you what is right and
your heart will help you act on it.
Your feet will carry you to the right place.

So, come on! Just sparkle!


Pauline said...

Ella, your essay on sparkles is delightful. Good luck in the Reflections contest!

I found this quote you and your mom might like, a thoughtful reason for keeping a journal or a blog:

“We write to taste life twice, once in the moment, and in introspection.” –Anais Nin


Lisa said...

Darling! She is so precious. What a beautiful essay. I'll share it with Belle.

Took your recommendation on The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. My mom picked it up from the library for Belle and I to read together. We love it already. Thanks!

Brooke said...

Ella, what a lovely insight. You sparkle, as does your sweet mother. I'm so glad you shared this with us.