Saturday, December 20, 2008

Note to Self

Ideas for next year's white elephant exchange:

* Return the huge can of beans (serves 40) with some Beano to accompany
* Live Goldfish
* Summer Sausage - a huge one!
* Partially eaten chocolates with a picture of the eater
* A toilet-seat (perhaps new)
* Box of crickets
* Return this year's autographed picture of Steve (brought by friends, not by us!)
* Menopause detector test
* Jar of pickles, ice cream, pregnancy test
* Adult diapers
* Live worms
* A collection of drug-rep pens & paraphenalia


tralina said...

Well, with a list like that, I'm really sorry we cancelled that White Elephant Party the other day. I vote for the menopause kit, you never know what year I might need it. (How long is the shelf life?)

Bethany said...

we received the drug-rep paraphernalia this year. What a hoot.

Sims Family said...

We gave the goldfish this year. It was the hit!