Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Service Breakfast

Ella and Louisa with
"someone dressed up as Santa"
Saturday, Dec. 29th, 2008

A wonderful tradition in the Parley's 5th Ward again occurred last Saturday. Each year our Ward gathers prior to Christmas to celebrate with breakfast, a visit from Santa, and most importantly, a gathering of gifts purchased for families in need. Through these unified efforts, Christmas was provided for 8 families. This year, we also donated items to complete 100 school kits for children in impoverished areas. This is a testament to me of the good we can do when we unify our efforts and gather together with great love.


Heidi said...

Can't believe how much those girls are growing up. Hope you had a happy Christmas!

Brooke said...

I wish our ward did that. I think the best way to celebrate Heavenly Father's greatest gift to us is to follow his Son's example and serve others.

carin davis said...

What a wonderful tradition!!! A beautiful expression of the true spirit of Christmas!

Lisa said...

Boy we miss you guys! I was just putting the babies down and about to shut off the computer when I noticed Lisa had your blog up.
Steve and I have kept up, but we've done a pretty lousy job of getting the rest of the gang together. How about we make it a date in the spring...when the dust settles here?

You have a sweet, compassionate, beautiful family. Glad to call you friends.


heather said...

Miss your posts!

SARAH said...

Will you ever blog again? I miss seeing what's up with the Edgley clan!