Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spikey Hands

Occasionally, we have a visitor at our home. Of the worst kind. She came today: we call her Mean Mom.

She warned that she was coming. She asked repeatedly for the girls to stop playing with the shapeable foam soap (now noted: a ridiculous request). She endured the bathroom messes, the facial foam mustaches, even foamy falling snowmen. However, when the green foam was spread over the (just cleaned-by-professionals) carpet Mean Mom started raising her voice and without warning spanking (the score: Ella 3, Louisa 1).

Louisa headed straight for the pad of paper and created art. Her masterpiece is featured here tonight. She calls it "Spikey Hands."

May this serve as a reminder for me to better show love and patience, to value people over things, and to teach obedience through positive parenting.


Pauline said...

I love it! And I love that our mental telepathy seems to tell me when you've added something new - just an hour ago - and I haven't checked since the last time you added something new on Nov. 25. Must be ESP.

Brooke said...

Oh Emi, I wouldn't have believed it if Luisa hadn't drawn a picture. I'm still not entirely sure that her picture actually corresponds to any "meanness" on your part.

Still, we all have those "mean mom" moments. I've had more than my share this week. But yesterday I didn't spank a single child. Progress!

It hurts, but sometimes it is good to have the kids give us reminders that we need to have more control over the natural man. It's a lifelong battle I think.

tralina said...

You're an awesome mom!! (and a funny writer!) Isn't it nice to have children who love to play together and have fun (we just wish it wasn't at the expense of something important :)? Louisa is a truly budding artist.

Sims Family said...

I love the way you describe the situation. Mean Mom comes to my house, too. Usually she visits Ainsley. Brandon follows up with an "I'm good, mom. You wouldn't yell at me, right?" I always apologize when mean mom leaves and make sure my kids know mom's make mistakes. My favorite is "Don't hit!" Smack.

Lisa said...

Love the way you write! Mean Mom visits our house too. I love your assessment of the situation though. I need to practice those things as well.