Saturday, December 13, 2008

Silver Bell

Today a sweet Christmas memory from my mom's life is featured in the LDS Church News.
She tells of a cherished gift received in her teen years by her father (my grandpa Melvin Leo Schwartz): the gift of a silver bell on a necklace.
Mom relates this story to the lasting gifts of example given by her father. She reaffirms the grand message of Christmas: that the Savior's matchless life is the greatest gift given.

I remember my mom wearing this necklace, especially at Christmastime. I love hearing this story, and others, of my grandpa, who I never met. Though there is great power in the spoken word, I cherish that this experience is now a written record in our family history.

If you would like, you can read more here.


Rachel said...

What a special story! Very touching...I think I'll think of it when I hear bells ringing. Speaking of your mom and her work with the YW, my Emi was online a couple of weeks trying to find some artwork to print out about the the YW values. She came to me excitedly and said, "Guess what, rumor has it that there is going to be a new value, Virtue and it is gold." Well, looks like the rumor proved true and from a mother of four girls I am so pleased. The value of virtue is so important to me and the things I am teaching them. Tell your mom I am inspired by her inspiration!

Stacey said...

It is a wonderful story! I'm so glad we get the Church News now (we just started a few weeks ago). I guess this is a good time in our lives to get it, when we have personal connections with some of the Church leadership. We love your mom at our house! I love the change to the YW theme, too!