Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visiting with the Real Santa

Ella: "I was a little afraid, and a little excited to meet Santa. I knew he was real because he has a map of the stars inside of his cape to guide him on his journey. I told him that my classmates saw his sleigh flying during recess. He said his sleigh was parked with his reindeer in Park City! I sat on his lap and told him I want the Corolle Marie doll."

Louisa: "It was so cool, because I didn't know that Santa was really real. It was very fun to see him. If we didn't see him I would think that Santa was not real. I knew that he was real because sometimes there are people that dress up as Santa and they say "ho, ho, ho" but really they are not Santa. I see their faces and they are almost like a bee (that goes buzz). He was at the Children's Hour. It is a place where Lizzie is. She works. She comes at night. I told him I want a baby pony pinkie-pie (I will name her Abby) for Christmas."

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