Sunday, November 22, 2009

Read the Book of Mormon

I taught Relief Society today, referencing Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul" conference talk. I challenged the sisters of our Relief Society to start today reading the Book of Mormon. At a pace of less than 2 chapters per day, you can read the entire book, finishing just prior to Easter.

Below is the handout, if you would like to take part!


heather said...

We got your Christmas card. You and your family are beautiful!! love you.

tralina said...

I heard your lesson yesterday (1/17/10) was really good. We were visiting teaching, and discussed some of the things that were said about patriarchal blessings and then had a really interesting discussion about it. I wish I could hear them (but am glad to be where I am!)

Jennifer M. said...

Emi, we are reading the Book of Mormon with our children right now. I can't tell you what a sweet experience it is. The spirit that it brings into our home is so wonderful.