Sunday, September 05, 2010

Your Golden Star

by Louisa

You have a golden star inside of you; it helps you shine bright and be happy. You also have a golden seed inside of you. The seed grows and grows and grows so it is big. Know what that is? That's the Holy Ghost.

Today I learned about paying tithing. I know it is kind of hard, but we have our money to spend and save. I really want some special crayons that are from a different country that are not small but that you can write with, just like normal crayons.

When you are a little baby and you are in heaven, Jesus is protecting you. He never gets mad at you.

Once I saw a baby duck. It was really soft, but I didn't hold it. But it made me think about the seed and the star. That made me think about all of the times when I listen to my mom and I feel warm inside.

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