Friday, February 11, 2011

Golden Birthday!

Ella celebrated her "golden birthday"... she turned 10 on the 10th of February!
We cherish the gift of Ella's life and love seeing her grow.

Ella's favorite gift came from her daddy: it is a golden bracelet adorned with sweet flowers.

As part of the days festivities, Ella enjoyed:
* Breakfast in bed (her pick of scones & honey butter along with bacon and orange juice),
* Lunch away from school (at her restaurant of choice: Noodles&Co.),
* Pink frosted brownies shared as a class treat, and
* A very special pioneer party at the Lion House.

Ella loved blowing out all 10 candles on her cake!

At the conclusion of the birthday party, the Lion House hostess said, "Ella it is now time for me to present you with a gift! I would like you to choose either a stuffed lion or one of the china dolls sitting on the mantle." To this Ella responded, "Oh no, I couldn't take either! I have been spoiled too much. I don't need another thing." After much coercion, Ella was finally willing to bring a doll home. As the years pass, when I see it upon her shelf, I will be reminded of this sweet girl and her special day.

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