Monday, February 21, 2011

Utah State Senate Floor

In addition to meeting with Governor Herbert, I was honored (along with Utah Mother of the Year, Sally Olsen) on the Senate floor.

A picture taken by our friend
Dan Liljenquist, State Senator representing Davis County.

The Senate allowed me the opportunity to give an impromptu speech (!!!).

The audio recording of that speech is found online at:

You can click on "Part 1" (in the upper left-hand corner) to download the proceedings. If you advance to approximately 1:40:47, you can then hear my minute and a half of "fame and glory".

My remarks (cleaned up a bit and posted here for the sake of posterity), were:

"Thank you for having us here. We just came from meeting with the Governor where he spoke so profoundly about motherhood as a way to see beyond - as a way to see beyond present circumstances, as a way to see beyond our own lives and into the future.

After that meeting, we gathered together for pictures. I waved my parents and my mother and father-in-law over to perhaps be in a picture with the Governor. As I did so, I accidentally hit - hard - my daughter Louisa in the face. She immediately started to cry and I thought, 'How appropriate! Here I am being honored as a mother: I've just hit my child, she is crying and pictures are being taken by a professional photographer.'

Motherhood moments are often just like that. I've experienced many of those. I've experienced the sorrows, and I have experienced the great joys. I am so grateful for my daughters Ella and Louisa, as well as my daughter Eliza, who was stillborn, who leads the way for our family. I am thankful for my husband Steve - without him I would not be a mother. He is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Thank you for being here today. Thank you for seeing beyond corporate life into public life -- the life of the community. Thank you for honoring us with your dedication of time and commitment on our behalf, as you make decisions that will benefit us today and beyond."

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