Monday, March 21, 2011

Bumpa's Birthday!

On Saturday, March 19th my dad turned 66 years old!
Below is a tribute from two of his adoring granddaughters:
Bumpa enjoying a BYU basketball victory on his birthday!

I love when Bumpa tells stories of when he was little. Like the time when he pointed at a magazine with a picture of a monkey and said, "That was me when I was a baby."

I love that whenever he sees us, he says, "Hi, boys!"

When he tells stories, he says, "When I was a little girl..."

Bumpa loves Gatorade!

And he is always willing to share the Gatorade!
That means he likes us the most. He is willing to share everything.
We look up to you, Bumps!

Bumpa works so hard - especially in the yard.
I remember one day that we worked with him in the yard so much. Then the neighbors came by, so we worked in their yard too!
I bet the neighbors appreciated that!

When we give Bumpa a kiss, he wiggles air in his cheeks.
And when we push on his puffy cheek, the other one fills up!

I also like that Bumpa likes to hike in the mountains.
When I hike with Bumpa, it is really fun... because Bumpa is fun!
I love that every morning Bumpa wakes up and runs - no matter what the weather is.
That keeps him energized and productive.

I love how much fun it is when we go to Cafe Rio together.

It is fun when he tells jokes.

And I love his silly smile!
He is so much fun. He is the best "Bumps" ever.

I love my Bumpa.

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Sims Family said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Steve! I have to say, 66 was a bad year for my dad, so keep healthy and make it a great one! :)