Thursday, March 31, 2011

Favorite Book:
Little Sweeters Spread Sunshine

A good friend of our family, after the death of his wife and daughter in a tragic auto accident, wrote a book called “Little Sweeters Spread Sunshine”, based on the simple teachings he and his wife used while raising their 8 children.

We have utilized this book (written in a interactive format where my daughters have the opportunity to illustrate what each principle means to them), to teach Ella and Louisa that they can weave sweetness into their lives. There are 24 loving ways in the book, including: “Little Sweeters tell the truth”, “Little Sweeters work until the job is done”, “Little Sweeters think nice thoughts” and “Little Sweeters dream”.

One review of the book states, "As you illustrate each loving way it will become even more a part of you. Even before children learn to read they can understand how it feels to spread sunshine in a loving way."

Because of “Little Sweeters Spread Sunshine”, my daughters are learning that they can choose sweet thoughts and actions amidst the challenges of their daily lives.

You can purchase a copies of
Little Sweeters Spread Sunshine
for your children (or yourself!)
by visiting Amazon.


Tais said...

Hi Emi!!
Do you know you have this book in portuguese?
Becuase, I will like to read this book for my children. :)
Taís Bonilha

Emi Edgley said...

Tais: This book is not currently available in Portuguese. However, it is so simple and universal that it may be a fun workbook for your children to translate and interpret in their own ways! Emi