Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Book: Whose Mouse are You?

I can remember my mom reading this book to us when we were young. We begged for “Whose Mouse are You?” and she read it so often that soon it was easy to “read” this book – reciting memorized lines page by page – to each other and to the new babies who joined our family!

This book made me think seriously at a young age about how I would feel if my parents and siblings – weren’t with me every day. "Whose Mouse Are You?" made me consciously thankful to be a part of a loving family. The timeless message of this book to me is that families are people who love and protect each other.

I love the way this little mouse, who feels that he's "nobody's mouse," thinks of heroic ways to help and be with his mother, father, sister, and his new baby brother. I enjoy the delightful ways this little mouse goes accomplishing great things for the good of his family.

What he doesn't know, but learns throughout his journey, is that he's always been somebody special, and his family has loved him all along!


Kiersten S. Gallacher, Author said...
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Kiersten S. Gallacher, Author said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As a fellow "testifier" (shall we call ourselves that? - letters to the world saying this is our experience and faith?) - at any rate, takes courage -- I appreciate yours: your story of Eliza's stillbirth, the video clip of your husband's new perspective post-stroke, your decision to pursue an active role in community w/ Mothers of America . . .this note simply to say thanks.
I just posted my story "Eiffel Tower...Hospital Window" - my birth experience on my site - I absolutely know your joy at hearing Ella's cries at her delivery!
All the Best.