Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Find Most Fulfilling
in Family Life as a Young Mother

I find it fulfilling that, as a mother, I can further the work of God in quiet but significant ways.

We tend to tell the story of our lives in terms of exceptional events and big decisions, yet, frequently it is the commonplace, ordinary events that shape our lives and touch the sacred.

A few years ago – at Christmastime – we found ourselves as a family at the cemetery, wrapped warmly in coats. We were there to place a wreath on the grave of our first child, that of our daughter Eliza, who was stillborn. While at the cemetery, in the midst of birdsong and rays of sunshine – surrounded by the beauty of an ordinary day – Ella, (then 5 years old) scolded us with her wise-beyond-years wisdom for calling it a “grave.” She remarked: “It is not her grave; it is a door!”

Ella taught me that day to see life in a new way. Our lives can touch heaven more often than we realize. Children – like my daughters Ella and Louisa – know how close heaven, angels and our Heavenly Father are and have always been.

I remember another day when we were, as a family, sitting in Church. Louisa (then 2 ½ years old) flipped open the scriptures and was looking at them with great intent. I asked, “What are you doing?” and she replied, “Sending an email to Jesus.”

Email. Sunshine. Birdsong. Even graves. Elements like these within our mostly routine lives may be ways for us to discover divine fingerprints on the surface of each day. I believe that a common day can become a holy one.

I am grateful to be a wife and mother. It is in these divine roles that have I experienced my greatest challenges, utmost joys and most enduring fulfillment. I am learning – everyday – that joy resides less in the extraordinary things of life and more in recognizing God in the midst of the ordinary.

As a mother, I can experience days where – even in the midst of laundry, unpaid bills and spilled milk – I am conscious of miracles and I recognize them all around me, just like I notice the warm sun on my skin after a run of overcast days.
Through daily experiences as a mother my life is dotted with eternal instants – times where I glimpse into heaven and recognize the hand of God in the midst of my life.

As a mother, I am blessed with moments where heaven and earth intersect.


SARAH said...

Love reading your blog. Such a sweet post!

shawni said...

Hey Emi, this is Shawni Eyre Pothier. I have been meaning to contact you ever since I found out you are Young Mother of the Year too. I'd love to just chat about the whole thing but I wasn't sure the best way to reach you. I don't even know facebook enough to "get" how to send you a message there (I know, sad), but I was happy it linked me up to this beautiful blog! Anyway, I'd love to chat. Will you email me at shawnipothier at gmail dot com? Thanks! (p.s.I'll be anxious to meet you this next month!)