Sunday, April 24, 2011

Approaching the Savior:
"The Master's Hand" Carl Bloch Exhibit

Earlier this week, as part of our Spring Break celebrations, we went to the exhibit "The Master's Hand" at Brigham Young University.

The exhibit itself is composed of collected works of art from the Danish artist, Carl Bloch. Breathtaking visuals of the life of Jesus Christ were transported (from Denmark and Sweden) beautifully displayed.

As we entered the gallery, there was a hushed reverence and a feeling as if we actually were in the presence of greatness - both the greatness of the artist's works as well as the grand Individual portrayed - that of Jesus Christ - in the magnificent works of art.

The first painting we viewed was "The Doubting Thomas". Rather than depicting Thomas' act of touching the resurrected Savior's wounds, Bloch captures the moment when Thomas first recognized Jesus as his personal Redeemer.

Though this picture makes it look as if we were the only ones viewing the paintings, it was Ella who separated herself from the crowd to closely approach the larger-than-life art. The crowd stood at a respectful distance.

Each of us differs in our approach to the Savior. Yet I hope that today we can take time to examine where we stand in terms of our relationship with the Lamb of God whose sacrifice unleashed the power of Resurrection.

As a result of attending the Carl Bloch exhibit, I grew in my appreciation of the Savior. I also grew in my appreciation of Carl Bloch as an artist. Bloch's detailed artistry is unparalelled. His use of light brings our Redeemer into a position of preeminence in each painting. I loved viewing Carl Bloch's depiction of moments or movements from the Savior's life that I may have otherwise underestimated or overlooked.

Because of the artist Carl Bloch, I have a new depth of appreciation today - on Easter - for what Jesus was willing to suffer for me.

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Mindy said...

Beautiful and touching picture Emi.

Mindy Lavigne