Thursday, April 07, 2011

Circling the Wagons:
Fighting Pornography

The phrase “circle the wagons” is a term associated with pioneer times. Mormon pioneers, when traveling west, would circle their wagons during times of danger, which afforded them protection from attacks from outside the circle and provided a place to keep their livestock and children safe inside the circle.

In today’s society, there are many things to protect our families from – but most importantly, we need to fight against pornography, the greatest destroyer of family, home and marriage.

We know that pornography is trying to invade every home. This has placed our homes at risk and when homes are at risk, society in general is at risk.

We can – like pioneers journeying into uncharted territory – establish concentric circles of support, starting with mothers in the home and radiating out: including government, community and religious leaders. We can educate individuals, especially our children – one at a time – about pornography. This education would include a discussion of:

• How harmful and addictive pornography is;
• The degrading and destroying effect of pornography on women and families; and
• How we can live healthier, happier lives with improved relationships without pornography.

I know that we, as American Mothers and families, can stand together against the attack of pornography upon the world. We admonish one another, encourage one another, love one another and support one another.

“Circling our wagons” against the dangers of pornography will in turn strengthen the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and the home.

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Tais said...

Hi Emy!!!

In my country in February is traditionally a celebration canaval. I really hate these days, because all times we find women dressed so indecent. My baby (two years), he was at his grandparents' house, when it appeared on television this woman dressed so indecent and he said: "I better close my eyes"!!! (and covered his eyes with his hands)
I'm very happy to know that since childhood he decided to run away the pornography.
I think we mothers and guardians of virtue we must teach them children , when they are still quite small.
Have a nice day!
Taís Bonilha