Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sometimes the things we are searching for are hidden just beneath the surface...

We distributed "Lost Tent" flyers. We surveyed neighbors. We posted a facebook shout-out. We scoured adjoining backyards.

Just when all hope was lost for retrieving our lost tent, the sun came out, melted the snow and uncovered a hidden treasure.

We found our lost tent! It was in our backyard the whole time, smashed flat as a pancake by the weight of the snow.

One quick adjustment on the springbar and the tent sprung to new life.

Ella with our tent as well as our "Lost Tent" flyer.

We dried it out and it is as good as new!

Look at that happy camper!

We are anxious to share many more adventures (including return backpacking trips to the Tetons and Havasupai) in our great blue tent!


P.S. Although the girls had come up with an ingenious plan of baking and selling bread to obtain "replacement funds" for the lost tent, we think they have learned a priceless lesson on responsibly caring for posessions.

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