Monday, May 09, 2011

Favorite Book: Miss Rumphius

Book Review by Ella 
Written (with help from her mom) in 2009 at age 8
“Miss Rumphius” is one of my favorite picture books.  In this story, a little girl named Alice grows into an old, old woman, a retired librarian named Miss Rumphius.  Her life is filled with exciting adventures, but as she grows older, she keeps recalling the advice her grandfather gave her as a child.  He told her that in order to live a good life, she had to “do something to make the world more beautiful.”  Alice loves the beauty of colorful flowers, so she scatters lupine seeds through her costal hometown.  
In doing so, she completely transforms the rocky landscape into a place full of beauty.  In the end, as an old, old woman she tells her story to her young niece, who also decides to make the world more beautiful. 

I, too, want to make the world more beautiful.  I know that through the knowledge I gain at school and through completing my own goals, I will be able to develop talents, help others, learn from my friends -- and make the world more beautiful! 


Nancy K said...

Thanks for your wonderful book reviews. I just bought Who's Mouse are you for my daughters birthday from your recommendation!

Tara said...

This was my favorite picture book when I was growing up! I always loved it.

I just attended the Power of Moms retreat this weekend and I really appreciated your comments. I look forward to reading the books you mentioned. Thank you for the reminder to looks for the lesson in our trials!