Thursday, May 05, 2011

Greater the Soul

I looked upon a mountain high
in grandeur rising to the sky.
And then I contemplated me,
how very small I seemed to be.
Yet, in this fragile frame of mine
god chose to house a soul divine.
Not in that glorious sun-crowned peak,
but in this body, frail and weak.
God chose to give to you and me
the promise of eternity.
A child of His can such be small?
A soul is surely Heaven-tall.
No, the mountain stands that I might see
how greater is the soul of me.

Helen Lowrie Marshall

Toward the end of our spring break, we jumped in the car and headed south with hopes of reaching warmer weather!  We found exactly what we were looking for in St. George, Utah (otherwise known as the "mecca" of spring break hideouts for Utahns).

We enjoyed time at the pool and our stay at the beautiful Inn at Entrada (we stayed in their smallest studio casita, where the girls were kind enough to sleep on an inflatable mattress that had a habit of only staying inflated for a couple hours!).  Mostly we enjoyed our time spent together hiking in the beautiful landscapes of Snow Canyon and Zion's Kolob Canyon.

On the trail to Pioneer Names in Snow Canyon.

Mormon Pioneers who came this way used axel grease
from their wagons to write their names high on the rocks!
We visited, for the first time, White Rock Ampitheater in Snow Canyon. 
There we met up with friends from home, who also happened to be visiting!
Textural stonescapes.
Somehow the Easter Bunny found us!
We found time for deep contemplation among the beauty of this corner of the world.
The kids also found a seasonal pond teeming with tadpoles.
We enjoyed climbing sanddune hills and jumping down!
A local family graciously allowed us to join in on their Easter egg roll -
they created a course down the sanddune and each child
competed to have their egg roll the farthest distance. 
Easter morning, we packed up and headed off to
Kolob Canyon, part of Zion National Park.
We had just enough time to enjoy the vistas of the beautiful
Timber Creek Overlook.

And there contemplate the beauty of this glorious world,
the miracle of the resurrection,
and the inestimable worth of a soul.


Brooke said...

Beautiful. What a lovely spring break.

Nathan said...

Go round and round-a-bouts?

Emi Edgley said...

Nate: Of course we made a special few rounds in your honor!! However, we failed to reach both the velocity and the same level of enjoyment as the original occasion 6 years ago! Emi