Monday, May 23, 2011

Multi-Generational Learning:
American Mothers National Convention

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the American Mother's National Convention -- held right here in Salt Lake City! This amazing weekend occured at the Little America Hotel and was masterfully coordinated by a local committee.
The Convention Planning Committee:
Utah women who worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success!

Can you tell that I am proud of this "core group" of wonderful women involved in American Mothers here in Utah who give so much of themselves for my benefit?

I love that American Mothers is a multi-generational organization that has something to offer for women of all ages. There were women in attendance at the Convention from ages 19 to 97! I loved meeting and interacting with the women who are both in and beyond my stage of life who offer their knowledge and wisdom in aiding my passion and pursuits as a mother.

The highlight for me within this weekend were the relationships formed - quickly - with other women who are from diverse geographic, cultural and religious backgrounds, yet all passionate about mothering and willing to share their tender life experiences and knowledge to better assist me in my work as a mom.

I thoroughly enjoyed every interaction with the wonderful women who also, for the coming year, will represent American Mother's throughout 2011 as Young Mothers of the Year for their states. These gals are fabulous and talented, yet approachable and real!

State Young Mothers gathered together Friday, after we each presented
speeches on the topic "Strengthen Myself; Elevate My Family"
We enjoyed being with each other! In fact, so very much that the weekend was filled with many past-midnight nights (good thing we're "young" right?!?).

All "gussied" up prior to the Friday evening banquet.

I am so grateful for both my own mom and mother-in-law who attended many of the events in support of  their daughter.
The Eyre and Dalton Girls
Linda, Saren (Power of Moms founder) & Shawni; Emi and Elaine)
We were all thrilled when it was announced that the beautiful, eloquent (and self-proclaimed shy!) Shawni Eyre Pothier will represent American Mother's as the National Young Mother of the Year!
Young Mothers representing Utah, Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia, Oregon and Hawaii
Saturday evening (thie night of the Gala announcing the National Mother of the Year)
What a grand experience! What a wonderful organization! I am proud to be associated with American Mothers.

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Chris said...

What a fun evening. I'm so happy to see you making a difference for moms everywhere.