Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime Fun + Sun =
Consistently Inconsistent Blogging

First Summer Strawberry
From the Garden, 6/26/2011
We are enjoying the long days of summer ... perhaps all too much!

Soon, I am sure that I will find some time to share a few new favorite books, a couple great summer salad recipes and even some pictures from the end of school... plus our adventures camping and hiking in desert, enjoying violin camp and even successfully navigating a swim meet or two!

Until then, please know that we are either readying ourselves for the next adventure, buried in loads of laundry, cruising the neighborhood on bikes, soaking in the summer sun, or simply enjoying a few strawberries topped with whipped cream (or as Louisa would say "whoopcream").


AllisonK said...


We haven't formally met although I feel like I know you from hearing about you and Steve through other friends. I was a friend of Steve's in high school.

Another friend sent me the link to your blog and I just wanted to tell you how lovely and inspiring your writing is. You have a beautiful family.

Allison Cutler Kimball

Faith W said...

You are inspiring Emi! Love you and your family!